Take your knife darling and
Stab my heart again
First take up your cleaver and
Break apart my breast
Separate my ribs
crack crack pop crack

Lift out my beating heart
She lives for you, only you
Sever all the veins and
Place it on the tray
Use a scalpel now and
Carefully carve me open

Oh! the pain as I bleed out
For you, always only for you
Slice through each layer
Meticulous as can be
Through each chamber
And valve, what will you see?

You’ll see etched along those walls
Images of you
Your name again and again
Every beautiful thing you’ve said
Lies I readily believed

That you loved me too
That you wanted me
That you needed me in your life
That I was the one for you
When you said I was beautiful
When you said I turned you on
When you said you missed me
When you said you’d never go

Oh my heart is branded and
Scarred, tattooed with your name
Yes, take this heart of mine
For it’s really yours in pain
Flay it out
Stretch it tight
Pin it to the board
Then place it in your window
On display for all to see

As the final drops of blood
Ebb slowly out
Just a foolish heart that gave herself
Fully unto he who
No longer requires her services
May it be an example
To those who pass you by
Be careful who you give your heart to

Butcher For Hire

tara caribou | ©️2018

35 thoughts on “Butcher

    1. Very good. I’ve written a few times like this. Three murders with co-authors that I can think off the top of my head immediately. How It Feels, Hatcheted, Played Out. Hahaha 🤔 Frankly, though, this was inspired because I just finished three days of butchering a moose, so… blood and raw meat, broken bones, the smell…. I’m glad that you enjoyed it.

      Liked by 1 person

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