Versatile Blogger Award

[Hi Mike! Thanks for nominating me.]

Rules: I never obey the rules so I hesitate to list them. But you’re supposed to say seven things about yourself and also nominate some other bloggers to maybe participate. In the several times I’ve done this… I think two people “participated back”? So, we’ll see how much I accomplish here.

Pardon me if I’ve mentioned these things before….

1) I’m a crunchy barefoot neo-hippie.

2) I moved out of my parent’s house when I was sixteen.

3) I have only been tattooed thirty-six times (so far). It’s a great source of happiness for me.

4) I eat lemon rinds.

5) I hate my feet being touched… by anything. Socks, shoes, water… gross. Dirt I don’t mind as much.

6) I think mathematics and science and intelligence are sexy.

7) My driver’s license says that I am 5’7″ with blue eyes and brown hair. And the card that I carry with it says I have A- blood and a blood clotting disorder called Factor V Leiden.

There. Anything else you’re dying to know???


30 Comments on “Versatile Blogger Award

    • Also I never knew you were a fellow thrombosisian. How exciting to meet someone else who knows how they they will likely die. Unless you get eaten by bears… or get snatched off an ice flow by a pack of hungry Orcas. (actually knowing you, you might embrace this demise) 😀

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      • My dying wish is to go by orca.

        No. Actually it is not. I tend to avoid ice flows… though I do have photographic evidence of standing on an iceberg. 🤔

        But being mauled by a bear is a legitimate fear of mine.

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        • Me too. (ever since watching Revenant) Fortunately living where I live that is extremely unlikely. Weirdly less weary of lions, leopards, hyenas, f’ing baboons (which I actually have been mauled by) and all the myriad snakes and spiders we have. Bears seem super unreasonable though for some reason.

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  1. Congrats, Tara! You deserve this award because I think you are a very talented writer. I love your erotica and also a few other poems I have read.

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    • Yes Patrick… the peel and rind. The fruit I like squeezed in water or cold tea. But the peels of oranges and lemons I like to eat just plain. Sometimes (and don’t tell anyone this) I buy one just for the peel. And I don’t eat the fruit. 😳 Is that weird? Oh god… it IS, isn’t it?!??


  2. Lemon rinds :🍋) Ha! I just spent a few minutes exploring your site! Cool McCool~
    You are a wonderful writer and I will spend a few hours hanging out on your blog when I can give it my full attention. Kudos to Caribou, wait…is this a made-up name? Love, love it. Now I know what you meant by an anonymous blog…I think…oh my gosh! 🙃✌

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    • It’s anonymous because only my two best friends actually know my real name and pseudonym. Not even my family, but then they’ve never asked.

      Thanks for taking a few minutes!!

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