Tendrils of Love

a tiny seed landed
held fast
pushed down deep
where it landed
(which in this case was my heart)
it (my heart, that is) was stone
hard clay
but that seed dropped
from your soul onto mine
that first glimpse of your face
in my eyes
you were so beautiful
it was a tragedy from the beginning
never meant to last
yet a simple seed embedded
into my rocky soul
forced its tendrils deep
breaking apart
destroying who I had been
allowing water and air and sun inside
I became soft
what was this thing which
had broken down my walls?
it was love
birthed fresh and new
a perfect love not born of reciprocity
(for you never loved me did you?)
that’s okay too
you still taught me true love
you still softened my heart
you still changed my world
in just
moment in time
and I still love you
I always will

tara caribou | ©️2019

I will never forget you. I will never forsake your memory. I will always love you.

26 thoughts on “Tendrils of Love

  1. I bow to you once again. You have plucked the words from the ether that touch us all.
    I think if we have not stood on the corner of ‘broken open’ and ‘breaking light’ we have not yet started our journey into ourselves.
    “it was a tragedy from the beginning, never meant to last…..”
    and yet we surrender to it all.

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