Irresistible Fire

Oh my Lover
My skin burns for you
Glances that speak volumes
Promises unspoken
A simple quirk of your lips
I’m ready
I know what you want
I want it too
Lusty hooded eyes
Strong firm hands
That voice
My mouth is watering
Thighs quivering
mmmmm I want you
Don’t make me wait
I’ll slide my fingers across my own skin
Lips glistening
Tongue flicking out
Your eyes follow the invisible lines
I’ve traced along my curves
Irresistible to you
Like you are to me
My body is humming
One flick and I’ll ignite
I’m sure of it
Wet wanting needy
Spread me out before you
Taste me
Claim me
Own all of me
Together we’ll find ecstasy
Two but one
Push into me
While I suck out all your secrets
I’ll swallow it down
Make you a part of me
Taste who you really are
There’s no turning back now
I’ve had you
You have me
Now there’s never enough
My craving
My appetite
Desire whetted
Stoke my flames of passion
Oh my Lover
For I simply burn for you
Yes only you

tara caribou | ©️2018

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