And Now I’m Grounded

I miss your fingers tracing my ribs
soft curves and divots
a keyboard that released
different pitches of sensation
and your hand as it played
up and down my spine
gentle at first then added pressures and sighs
I was transported high into the heavens
my head a swirling galaxy
of thought and emotion
I never wanted to reenter atmosphere
even when your hand moved down
finding holy refuge between my thighs
you spoke of damp raw earth
and crystal clear streams
spilling over the slippery stones
found among the dappled undergrowth
while I
with my far off gaze
dreamt of blue giants and
exploding supernovas
and the super heated cores of molten metal
flickering flecks of poetic romance
thrown across the heavens
I looked up and one tiny flake
landed upon my iris
burning an image there
your fingers work a deeper magic and
I’m called back to your reality
you had made it my own reality
except that now in truth
we’re just the shadow of a memory
and your fingers are my fingers and
I would doubt your very existence
if it weren’t for the engraving
on my glossy blue eye
how I miss your hands upon my skin
your lips and the lies
but what I miss most are
the far-flung stars you pointed out to me
I became addicted to interstellar travel
and you were my rocket ship

tara caribou | ©2020

Read this and more in my poetry book, Four.

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