Attention: PSA – your help requested

Hi. Someone is sending hateful emails out to my followers (or those I follow). Rest assured, these emails are not from me, though they are using my name, email, and blog url. This is a crime. I am contacting both WordPress and my lawyer. This is traceable. I am hurt and angry that someone would be so low. I have received a couple emails from a few people myself and I don’t know if they are real or not, but we will get to the bottom of this.

I am asking if anyone has received an email from “me” please send it to me because it builds the case against my identity thief.

I am including a couple screenshots.

Oh, and you, you know who you are. I hope this is worth it to you because this is actually a crime punishable by law.


53 thoughts on “Attention: PSA – your help requested

  1. Interesting. That is an IP address originating in India. So, that might narrow the playing field to a few billion, but at the same time… it might also narrow the playing field as to mutual followers.

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      1. Well, duh… I’m not one to hide my comments, I just come right out and say it. That can be good and bad, depending on how you want to look at it. Lol

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  2. Hi Tara,
    Sorry to hear about your hacking incident. I experienced something similar with my Hotmail account years ago. Someone hacked in and started emailing fuck you to all my contacts. It will be okay don’t stress.

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        1. If you have the time, I would definitely pursue. When I contacted Hotmail, they just requested that I change all my passwords.

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  3. No email received here.
    The IP address displayed in the screenshot is allocated non-portable to – based in India but there are a number of factors that can make that a little vague – their business might be there but geo on addresses might be a generalisation. Also, if it happens to be a block used by a VPN provider it gets even more obfuscated. It could be someone on a smart phone in downtown Karnataka as one geo I tried suggested, but two others believed it was in Uttar Pradesh – across the three, three different cities. Factoring in VPN, could be Manhattan or Cape Town.
    Forging email is also fairly easy. If people are sending you copies of the email it would potentially be helpful for them to include the mail headers – some details on how to do this as well as a mail header tool from Google located here:
    It certainly has the appearance of targeting you, but then, some peoples idea of ‘fun’ is truly beyond comprehension – it could be random. I doubt it though. It could also be someone framing someone else, with you as the unsuspecting middle person – I saw that happen once, with clinical precision …
    Hopefully WordPress can assist, and hopefully the individual is located somewhere that your legal system has some cooperation.

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  4. Forgive my outburst of laughter here but clearly this numb-nut has no idea how loyal and smart your friend and followers really are. We all know this is not indicative of your nature and therefore must be someone that wishes they could be as good as…you.
    Their narcissistic actions are unfortunately a malignant compliment to be burdened with.
    Stay you, Be blessed…

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      1. I’d rather have more people saying nice things with the hater being the odd one out. You’ve got way more followers, all giving positive feedback, except the one. Lol. I’m curious, though, is it just general shit talk or is it for sure specific to you?

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        1. I’m almost positive they were sending out several emails in the name of multiple people. I got two other emails supposedly from other bloggers. I contacted them and they both denied it. Plus… none of the real people’s IP addresses match the jerkface. We do know they are in India.


        2. I looked at the IP address of every person who’s contacted me for the life of this blog. That was about 10k comments. I don’t know how many individuals but it took quite some time. Personally, considering the “candidates” they chose, I think it was somewhat random and I’m thinking they went from blog to blog bouncing around. Who knows.

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