I was wicked
I sold pieces of myself
For a chance at love from you
I pulled my skirt s l o w l y down
Pivoted sharply and touched my knees
My nails scratched flakes off my inner soul
I held them between teeth bared behind ruby painted lips
Curl your tongue around me
Swallow me in bits and ragged chunks
I wanted your palms across my flesh
I wanted ice and fire
I wanted red welts and whispered I love you’s
I wanted
To be your only love
I licked your throat and your feet
Pieces of me falling away
I became bare
Desolation and desperation
Became my middle name
You held your hand out to me
Took my fingers and broke my wrist
Disappointment etched deep upon your face
I was so wicked for you
Gave my self away

tara caribou | ©️2019

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