I hold memories of you
like a wave-worn rock
nestled in my pocket
reaching in deep my fingers
float along your soft edges
the gentle curves of who you were
who I remember you to be
who we once were
I feel your weight there
touching you I hold that ache again
the fervent ache to have you reach back to me
but I’m just one more wave, though, aren’t I?
swirling and foaming and churning
trying so hard to hold you
I wrap myself around you but
you move right past my fingertips
again and again I try
slipping frothing hoping
I could be the one to have you
instead I’m the one who
rubs off grains of you
cherishes them
mixing you inside of me
here within my heart

tara caribou | ©️2019

33 thoughts on “Erosion

  1. Huh. This was an interesting thematic direction. Not only the beautifully put imagery of the wave trying to hold onto the well-polished, well-rounded stone but the cause of its erosion, its slickness, the reason why it slips from the “hands” of the “wave” is how well-rounded it is… so the erosion that made the stone the smooth, polished stone that it is, also causes it to slip through.

    Mind = blown.

    Liked by 1 person

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