Memory Beaches

my lips sigh as the water slowly slips
through black grains of sand
how I long to feel your caress
even as the waves gently lap my feet
your red lips quivered
when my thumb stroked you there
an intake of breath and
your eyes sparkled before softly closing
I remember your quiet hum of contentment
for I had placed this special moment
within my breast for the future
I miss your kisses
just like I miss my hand on your hip
back then girls weren’t meant to love girls
just like now
and you’re long gone from me
every so often
I pull out your memory
and smile tears of wistful yearning

tara caribou | ©2020

19 thoughts on “Memory Beaches

  1. Wow, love your poem, Tara! This is a marvelous tribute to lesbian love. You would love to read our Catalan poet Maria Mercè Marçal. Your piece reminds me of her lesbian poems. It is just a pity there is no English translation yet as far as I know. Marçal was a superb writer like Sylvia Plath.

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