Your Pleasure – Erotica

Gaze down
My hair splayed across the sheets
See the work of your hands
Red ribbon bound
About my wrists
Arranged as a display
Solely for your pleasure
Shredded scraps of lace
Barely clinging
Breath in starts
My nipples hard
Glistening from recent ministrations
Red palm marks
As you smacked them
Before sucking and nipping
Those hard peaks
My throat is red almost purple
Bruised circles dot my chest
And neck and shoulders
As you bit down hard again and again
Marking me

Reaching down
Spreading my thighs wide, wider
You stroke yourself
Taking in the view of my
Glazed silken flower
Swollen and aching for you
Pressing your head against my clit
Rubbing along my open folds
Smearing my sweet nectar
Down to my ass
Pushing in
Coating yourself again
Thrusting a finger deep in my ass
At the exact same time
As your hard cock takes my pussy
My reaction is violent
Begging you
“Fuck me! Oh god yes, fuck me!”

Deep within me
Then almost pulling out
And deep once again
My cries intensify
At your command, I open my eyes
To stare deep into yours
You thrust a few more times
Then pull out, demanding
“You want my hard cock, don’t you?”
My response quick and needing
“Yes! Yes! Please!
Give me your hard cock!
You know what I want!
Give it to me!”

Instead you stand beside me
Gripping my jaw in your hand
Turning my face toward you
Thumbing open my lips
Impaling my mouth with what I desire
Tasting myself, I moan
Then begin sucking in earnest
One hand goes to my hair
The other to my nipple
Twisting and pulling and slapping
While guiding my speed and depth
Fucking my throat

With a shout
You pull from my lips
And release yourself across my face
My neck, my tits
I can’t help but lick my lips
Tasting as much of you as I can
And as your gaze follows down
The curves of my body
I can’t help but wonder
What you’ve got in store for me next

Begging again, I whisper
“Please, Baby. Let me have more.”

tara caribou | ©️2019

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