Masterpiece of Us

I want to write words that paint the most perfect picture

One that would show you exactly who I am

Who you are

What we could be together

I want it perfectly drawn what I am without you

And then again

Who I become when your light is added to my darkness

There would be upon this canvas

Brushstrokes composed of pure passion and pleasure and happiness

The edges defined by loneliness past and sadness behind

Overtaken, covered by desire fulfilled

Longing withdrawn redrawn with lines of love and joy

Dabs of blissful contentment

Overshadowing smudges of regret

Standing back one would behold the complete perfection of you and I

There would be blues of steadfast peace and greens of quiet thoughtfulness

Yellows of joy and oranges of pure happiness

Reds of lustful passions and purples of calm serenity

To say nothing of the blacks for nights filled with rapture and browns of earthly delights

Or silver or copper or pink or white or burgundy

Each careful stroke representing some special aspect of the we that could be us

If only I could paint

If only I could write

Then you could see the masterpiece of us

tara caribou | ©️2018

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