Bitter Pill

Come fuck me Lover
Use my body like I use yours
For just an hour maybe two
Make me feel like a woman
Like I am wanted and desired
Don’t look me in the eyes
I don’t want to see the truth there
Just use me and
Let me live this silky lie just a little longer
Let me believe you love me
Let me believe you care
Let me believe you want all of me
Let me believe you can’t go a day without me
Outside I’m screaming your name
Inside I’m dying a little more
Come fuck me my Lover
Taste my passion on your tongue
Just one last time
Before you go back to her

tara caribou | ©️2019

10 thoughts on “Bitter Pill

  1. You know, I’ve always loved your way of being able to blend sex (either metaphorically or y’know, descriptively) in with emotion and then have both sort of mix in the context that you choose. Your ability to separate sexual contexts from possible emotions within them is as uncanny as your ability to use them in tandem.

    More to the point: I love how you can use sex (connection) to convey separation (disconnection) or closeness (well, “joined”) to depict feelings of distance. The thought that bodily connection is just an illusion or rather just a second best copy of the emotional is a poignant and cutting one.

    Wonderful as always.

    Also, “bitter” reminds me of pineapples.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow. Thank you Spiral! As always, you see right through to the heart of the matter and what I’m really saying.

      You know, a lot of times I feel very misunderstood when I write about sensuality and sexuality. Some people think it’s all about the sex. Or all about the man (or woman) I’m writing about rather than the hidden stuff underneath. Nine point six times out of ten it’s not about sex. Thank you for getting that.


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