my face silently slips
beneath the jagged waves
moonlight accents edge peaks and valleys
and I’m no longer fighting it

releasing my final breath
I’m floating softly in this cold new world
sinking down
into the vast depths

I look above to see the gentle beams
reflections of some far off light
sifting through the murky wastes
motes of debris
drifting and slowly swirling

I’m one speck of many
precious becoming no longer seen
here amongst the others

somehow I’m quietly calm and
each thought slows
s l o w s

numbing peace fills every part of me
I’m forgetting all that passed before
and who I was
and who you were
I simply am

you’ll never see these tears again for
I am of the sea and
she belongs in me
and I in her

what is one drop among many?
I’m sinking
I’m swirling
I’m falling
I’m alone
and I’ll never be alone again

healing came from within

tara caribou | ©️2019

31 thoughts on “Afterthoughts

  1. I am happy to read an account of being something that one can not be. Yet deep inside there is a certain gem of satisfaction and contentment. Where will any healing arise than from that which is within? This covers a wider scope than the words allow. Loved it.

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  2. The imagery of drowning comes through loud and clear with this one: I get the flash of floating beneath the surface, day time, the sun shining and the water floating all particles near the surface as you sink to the depths, carried in the arms of the water.

    But the title and that final line (bloaw) makes me think yes, there is sinking and there is the depths, but they’re not dark and dismal.

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    1. A release into what the reality is rather than fighting it. This is me, realizing that dreams don’t always come true, that what I want will not ultimately be achieved, that wanting doesn’t make real…. and that if I release and accept myself to reality, it’s a lot more peaceful than fighting it.

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