Liquid Lover

Her love crashed against the sands of his shore

Pulling away to rise up and cover him again

Yet he remained steadfast

Able to contain her wild passions, her changing moods

Shifting when he needed to, giving a little

But always holding her

Letting her be herself

Sometimes she raged and stormed

Others she was calm, gentle, seductive and soft

She wore many faces of beauty on her surface

Her blue eyes flashing to grey, sometimes wide open, sometimes narrowed

Beneath that varied surface hid she many secrets

So he delved deep inside her, stroking and massaging

Lifting her up, spreading her wide

Until she gave up those secrets one at a time, cries of ecstasy on her salty lips

Yes she gave herself wholly over to him

Knowing he helped tame her dark depths allowing life to take hold on her edges

tara caribou | ©️2018

35 thoughts on “Liquid Lover

  1. I feel there is a bit of Lola in your writings. Must be the cannabis of Southern Alaska, or something like that? I’d like to picture life taking hold on her edges, whatever those are?

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    1. Maybe so! Hahaha! We DO both live in the same great State, soooo it only makes sense. I picture the edges as the ocean floor near the shore. Where life such as seaweed and maybe corals in the right ocean can take root and then the fish and mammals can come seek sanctuary.

      Liked by 1 person

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