On My Knees – Erotica

ravishing kisses
my throat lay bare to your teeth
you fucking animal
as your hand holds my throat
my naked back pressed to your chest
I’m completely stripped vulnerable
whimpering wanting more
your other hand grips my wrists
pressing them to my breast
you turn my face to the wall
pull my hands behind me
bind them carefully
leather cuffs for your good little slut
slowly turn me around chest to chest
a finger strokes my cheek drops
squeezes my throat just a little
your eyes burning with desire
pushing my back against the wall
you lean in lick my lips
please… kiss me
your fingers probe my pulsing soaking
sopping wet pussy
please… fuck me
your hand goes to my shoulder pushing
down down down down to my knees
I look up at you
my wrists pulling at my restraints
pushed against the wall
I want to touch you
devour you whole
your fingers go to my hair
you cock pressing against my lips
I’m so thirsty
my soft lips parting accepting
you push past them
fucking my mouth
my throat
harder deeper faster deeper
over and over and over and over
looking up into your eyes
I see fire and flames
I’m moaning
you pull back and I open my mouth wide
fuck yes
give me your hot load of cum
my tongue out waiting
white ropes and ribbons
covering my tongue my lips
I’m licking swallowing
now lift me up
bend me over the couch
spread me open and fuck me
fuck me oh god yes fuck me
take all that you want
and when you’re finished
take even more

tara caribou | ©️2019

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