Water to Fire

Crash into me
Pull me in your undertow
Drown me with desire
Immerse me in your love
Cover my damp eyes
Crush me beneath your waves
Taste my salty teardrops
Flood me with your words
Splash my face with moist kisses
Submerge me with your wit
Bathe me in your charm
Saturate me in your emotional tide
Spin me in your whirlpool of joy

Arouse me by your burning words
Ignite my raging lust
Yearn for my flames of passion
Stir up the heat of my love
Feel my smoldering tingle
Smoke out my seething emotions
Light me with your yearning appetite
Burst into my flaring rapture
Kindle my passionate desire
Melt my tender heart
Incinerate me with cherishing devotion
Devour my flickering delight
Sear me with affectionate fervor

May we find the balance of water to fire

tara caribou | ©️2018

17 thoughts on “Water to Fire

      1. unfortunately, i have not been able to find a balance with my water & their fire. though it does tend to be passionate & exciting. this water sign is now looking for a bit of earth onto which to pour myself.

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