Patience Has It’s Rewards Too

In this era, walking this world, we have erroneously come to the conclusion that we need everything and we need it now. Where has patience gone? Where has peace fled to? Where is our human compassion and mercy?

Examining my own self, I know what I desire. I have hopes and dreams too. Some I have given up on. Some I have grown out of. Some I hold on to. Just because some of those dreams have not been fulfilled shouldn’t mean I give up on them. Only I must be patient and continue to strive for them.

If I become impatient then I am unhappy and peace cannot abide with me. If I have no peace or happiness in what I -do- have then I become a short-fused, narrow-minded, self-serving person. My compassion fades, my empathy and sympathy is denied, and my mercy is silenced. I loudly cry: what about me?? What about MY happiness?!

And the child next to me cries for milk and the elderly struggles with his bag of groceries and the forty-year-old writer just wants a hug and a little understanding.

Do I want my dreams and my hopes and my desires to become reality? Heck yes, I do! But a little lesson in self-reflection and a quiet spirit is in order. Am I worth it? Worth the wait? Is my soul worth it?

I know the rewards are worthy of my patience and time and energy. Therefore, I choose to wait. I will sit in silence and wait. And when I begin to lose hope, I will wait. And when I feel alone, I will wait. And though it doesn’t seem as if I’m understood, I will wait.

I will wait because I am worth it. And I will wait because you are worth it too.

tara caribou | ©2019

36 Comments on “Patience Has It’s Rewards Too

  1. I don’t know quite why, but your writing tonight left me calling back to Joyce Cary “The truth is that life is hard and dangerous” – one of my all time favourite quotes/poems … it is the definite two sided coin for me every time I read it, and it comes back to me often … thanks …

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  2. “They also serve who only stand and wait.” John Milton on his blindness. On Twitter this morning was reading about a disabled woman banned from grocery store because she was too slow in packing her groceries as the lineups grew. Store policy was customers packed their own groceries and staff weren’t allowed to help. Where IS our human compassion and mercy. Great reminder in this busy world Tara.

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    • Yes, exactly! That is EXACTLY what I’m talking about, Len. Disabled or not, why are we always in such a hurry?? I can literally spend an hour watching a robin hunting in my yard (and I have). Does that mean I’m lazy?? Or perhaps, I know the important things in life? Slow down and absorb the magic around us. And then spread that magic with your fellow travelers.

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  3. Waiting is one of the most difficult of activities. It is not physical activity, but mental. Sometimes mental anguish. It is much easier to rage against the forces, but does not produce the best results.

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