Soft Silky Lips

when I gaze at her soft lips
I desire nothing more
than to feel them between my teeth
followed by
my tongue sliding slowly and meticulously
along one
and then the other
I want to savor
the twisting dance of her tongue and mine
pressing and slithering together
I want to suck on it
taste it in my own wet mouth

when I behold her pink lips
I want to hear her soft mewls of delight
as my mouth teases and flutters
along her alabaster neck
pressing there above the throbbing
of her wild heartbeat
just as I crave my fingers gliding
in between her satiny folds
her hips grinding upon my palm
while I’m curling my fingers
and nibbling her ear
I’d whisper all the naughty words
she needs to hear

and as those pretty lips part to set free
my name and filthy expletives and
cries of utter rapture
I want to lower myself
devour her powerful shuddering release
before rising to my knees
and kissing those magnificent lips again

for when I gaze at her soft lips
I desire nothing more
than all of her

tara caribou | ©2020

34 Comments on “Soft Silky Lips

  1. Beautifully erotic, vibrant and delicate at the same time. How lovely to experience such love desire. I felt every verse of yours. Sometimes love and sexual desire are just remembrances of past experiences or dreaming about nearly impossible futures. Love how you and Bill deal with eroticism and unrequited love (the second one is usually Bill).

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  2. Where is that woman? Why would you need to tempt me with something that most likely exists in my past, just somewhere, where I was in another state of mind, and missed out on meeting her!

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  3. Tenderness is what shines through here for me (in the room of the erotic, it’s the light in the ceiling). I also find the position of the reader and the writer interesting. What is being projected, and what is being consumed. Temptation can easily turn to manipulation, but here I find it somewhat masked in innocence. This may be my naivety.
    Great piece, works well on many levels.

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  4. You’re so amazing, Tara. I have no idea how you produce so many beautiful pieces–one after another and another–never breaking, always inspired and lovely and amazing.

    I like to imagine your poems being acted out with a pretty Portishead song in the background.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Absolutely, B. I could totally go for a dim room, a little cannabis, and someone special to share it with… while Portishead croons sexiness in the background. I’ve got three of the four right NOW.

      I often wonder how you yourself are able to write one outstanding piece after the other. It’s a special gift indeed.

      But…. uh, careful you don’t stumble onto my SoundCloud audio account… all sorts of naughty shenanigans happening over there 😉


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