he’s a clockmaker

his nimble fingers hold a spring here and press a latch there

his sharp eyes envision where the cogs will just miss and an adjustment will need to be made

his quick mind thinks three steps ahead and two moves back

he visualizes what masterpiece will arise from the bits and pieces spread across his workbench

he is meticulous in his speech and in his craft

he’s arrogant though not without good reason

his hands are steady and his mind is brilliant

he takes a work of art and studies it from all angles before carefully deconstructing it piece by piece

when he’s finished it looks completely different and new yet it’s the same only now more beautiful than before

he’s an artist and a worker of miracles

all his artistry is under-appreciated by those who have sat at his knee for years or decades

yet periodically someone walks into his shop and stares with bright-eyed wonder

some time ago a young woman crossed his threshold

she fell in love instantly and couldn’t tear herself away

with stars in her eyes she visited him every day wishing to learn all he knew and who he was and idolized his every word

he held his wing open to her and showed her his craft and lent her his wisdom

her smile was contagious and he never felt happier than when her face was before his

her love was infectious and he felt her growing passion

she hugged him tightly the day she moved away and tears shone in her eyes

he never was able to tell her how much he appreciated her enthusiasm and fresh perspective

she always sighs when she sees a pretty clock hanging or a delicate watch on the wrist of a lovely lady

she loves him more than life itself

she could no longer bear it

sometimes a client walks in and the whiff of lavender slows his hands and he finds himself smiling remembering how her eyes sparkled when she laughed

all his pieces now have a signature teardrop diamond set in beside his flowing signature

his nimble fingers and sharp eyes and quick mind and artist’s heart never told her what she meant to him

he’s a clockmaker

tara caribou | ©️2019

59 Comments on “Clockmaker

  1. You told a beautiful story, Tara. Love the tribute you pay to an artist and to the love that appears between him and the woman. Bittersweet verses perfectly woven.

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      • My pleasure. You are a very talented poet, so I always enjoy your pieces. I hope you also enjoy my friend Mario’s writing. Sometimes he a way to talk about love and sexual desire that reminds me of yours. I can’t remember right now which chapter from “Pickles and Tarts” is.

        Liked by 1 person

        • I’ve found it, chapter 3 from “Pickles and Tarts” by Mario Savioni:
          “Frank closed his eyes. He pictured Nicole. He wanted to get closer, to smell her mouth, to draw his tongue across her teeth and run his fingers through her hair.” Link to post:


  2. Separated but still deeply in love. And a magical, unique build up. Artists do often have a problem expressing deep emotion in person. It’s reflected more in their work. This reminded me of La La Land for some strange reason (maybe because of the ending) but it’s better than the movie. Great writing Tara!

    Liked by 1 person

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