Fantasy Made Reality – Erotica

I wasn’t waiting for any packages or services or visitors, so when the knock came at my door, it was completely unexpected. I’m not in the habit of wearing much for clothing around my home, so I glanced down to see I was covered, enough. What they didn’t know wouldn’t hurt, right? My shirt was long enough to hide the fact I wasn’t wearing anything else. It was tight enough to reveal my lack of a bra but whatever. Good enough.

I opened the door to find Him. I’m fairly positive I blushed. We had been texting and emailing one another for some months now, back and forth. Our friendship growing and, I liked to believe, our lust as well. I mean, mine was, anyway. The more I knew of him, the more he let me bit by bit into his mind, the more life we shared, the closer we became. He was a normal part of my day by now and I his. But that was as far as it went. We lived halfway around the globe from one another, after all.

I hadn’t heard from him for a couple days and while I missed him, I also knew he had a life. My best guess was that he was dating someone new and I was set aside for a bit. It wouldn’t be permanent, it never was. And now, here he was. Standing at my door. Hands in his pockets, staring. I realized I was staring, too. I’m not sure exactly how long we stood there, gazing into each other’s eyes, but it seemed like a moment and also like forever at the same time.

Finally, I vaguely gestured within the house. “Uh, er, you wanna come in?”

He grinned. “That’s why I’m here.” I giggled nervously.

Oh god. I’m not wearing any clothing and a man I dream about every night was walking into my home. Shit. He stepped across the threshold and I closed the door lightly. Turning toward him, “I’ll just go put something on…” I started as he interrupted me, “how about a welcome hug?” He spread his arms wide.

My body of its own volition went to him and I let him wrap his arms around me as mine went around his waist. He pulled me in tight. We just held for a minute, maybe two. I was in heaven. He smelled better than I expected. His arms felt natural around me. His chin on my shoulder. He turned his head and I do believe he breathed in my scent as well. Perhaps we were both memorizing the moment. But then his hands began to slide lower and lower down my back. Until they reached the end of my shirt.

Oh god. His body got stiff. I heard him hum a little under his breath. And then his hand was under my shirt, grabbing my ass. His other hand went to my hair and his lips found my neck. “God. You taste better than I imagined,” came his muffled voice.

Then his mouth was on mine and we were devouring one another all teeth and tongues and lips. Sucking, licking, teasing, nipping. Pressing my body into his, I groaned. He was delicious. A fantasy made reality right in my arms. The hand that had been kneading my ass came closer and closer to my bare pussy until his fingers swept those moist lips. He hissed. “Bedroom.” It was an order I was only to happy to obey.

“End of the hall on the left,” I managed to gasp out. Then he swooped me up into my arms and he was so strong and virile I bit his neck then sucked on it. The next thing I knew, I was on my bed and he was pulling his shirt off; I removed my own. He paused. He eyes roving across my bare skin. A fire was there. Burning. For me?

I should have felt embarrassed, with my ample soft curves and pale skin and hard nipples but his gaze just made me feel brazen. I let my fingers trace those curves as he watched from above me. When my hands reached my thighs and dipped inwards, a feral growl escaped his lips and his pants dropped to the floor. His hard cock pointing straight at me. It was beautiful. A work of art and I intended to taste it for myself. Enough dreaming. I wanted reality.

I licked my lips and met his eyes. “mmm-mmmm you naughty girl. Answering the door in nothing but a tight shirt? That deserves some punishment before a reward.” My eyes widened. He was turning me down? He knelt between my thighs and dipped his head down, tasting my wet pussy with one long excruciatingly slow lick of his soft tongue. I groaned again. My hands went to his hair and I held him there. Grinding myself shamelessly. “mmmm yes!” I cried as his tongue circled my already throbbing clit. His sucked a little before moving lower and pushing his tongue deep inside of me. “More!” It felt so amazing so good, but what I really wanted was him. All of him. Inside me. Deep. “Please! Let me feel you!”

With another soft lick, he sat up. “You taste fucking amazing, baby. I could eat you breakfast lunch and dinner.”

I quivered. “Please!” I begged.

“Patience, my love.” He answered.

I sat up and pulled him to me, “you know I’m not a patient woman!” And I kissed him deep, tasting myself on his lips and tongue. “So fucking sexy!” I murmured. “Please, let me have more!” He growled and I think his resolve melted.

The next thing I knew, he was pushing himself between my legs, and then sliding that beautiful thick cock inside my depths. It was so soft and slick and I pulled him as deep as I could. “Fuck yes!” I hissed. “Come on, fuck me! Fuck me hard! Take me! Use me!” And then he was.

He filled me perfectly, just as I imagined he would. He felt so incredible, hitting all the right places, and it was Him inside me, I nearly immediately came to the edge and then I was falling over. Screaming his name louder and louder. “Oh! Fuck yes! Just like that!” I shouted. He held still as my full-body orgasm wracked my entire being. I writhed and moaned and just kept exploding around him.

As I began to relax, he pulled out of my pussy and I immediately felt a loss. He knelt and reached down, turning me over. He pulled me back onto him again, roughly. His voice was in my ear as he yanked my head back, “and now, you’ll cum again, but not until I say you can.”

I wasn’t sure it was possible but I already felt myself heating up again with his hard cock in my drenched pussy and his hand in my hair. His other hand came down with a loud slap on my hip as he fucked me hard. It was just the way I love it. The perfect position, the perfect amount of pain, the perfect match. The more he pulled, the harder he fucked, the rougher he spanked me, the closer I came to another orgasm.

And then I was there again, somehow, magically. I begged him to let me cum. I pleaded. I promised. Every time I was met with “not yet”. Suddenly I felt him grow harder inside me as he praised me for soaking his cock with my pussy. “I want you to cum now, Now!” He demanded. And I obeyed his voice, instantly falling into such an intense orgasm I was barely able to register his cock exploding inside me.

His grip relaxed. I fell on my face as he rolled next to me. His arm went over my hip and pulled me close to his side. How long we slept, I’m not sure but when I woke with that delicious ache in my entire body, it was to the feel of him hard, pressed up against me, and ready to go again. Somehow I knew this was the beginning of a very interesting weekend.

tara caribou

30 thoughts on “Fantasy Made Reality – Erotica

  1. I loved it.
    Last time I open my bedroom s window with only my bath towel on it was the post man and when I rushed him to leave the parcel outside as I was going into the shower he wished me good luck……..🙄

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