He’s water to her soul
Perhaps she’s become
Dry, desiccated, wilted but
His love is changing all that
There’s life returning to veins closed up
Unused roots swelling
Energetic synergy of twinned loves
Liquid pulsing
Dew drops of his love rain down upon her
Gently rest upon her petals
She’s absorbing him
Slowly opening herself toward him
Lifting her leaves like the knees of a lover
Glistening with new life
Spreading to have more
Glowing in the radiance of his love
He’s rested himself upon many
But she’s the one who soaks him up
Takes him in, drinks him down
She needs him more than anything
As her petals unfold
Perception of his gift profound
She understands
Beneath his quenching love
She blooms

tara caribou | ©️2018

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