Reasons to Love (or Hate) a Woman with OCD

1) I will never get bored of thinking about you or being with you. Because I’ll think about you. A lot.

2) You can be sure I’ve thought this* through quite intensely and obsessively. [* refers to anything and everything]

3) When I get angry (or hurt), I clean. And clean thoroughly.

4) I may respond to you in list format.

5) Sometimes I need to kiss more than once or rearrange our hands until it “feels right”.

6) Did I mention I will think about you? A lot?

Reasons to Hate a Woman with OCD:

1) I might be a teensy tiny bit slow (to change) and perhaps a mite stubborn.

2) I’m particular and careful in my wording; I use a lot of qualifiers. Which comes off as being non-committal.

3) Sometimes I have to check things over and over to make sure I did it right. This can make me late or be frustrating to onlookers.

4) I may respond to you in list format. And I may not be derailed from said list.

5) Perhaps kissing or hugging more than once because I need it to “feel right” might begin to annoy you.

6) Certain things gross me out (that may seem very normal to you) and I will obsess over them.


That said… being loved by a woman with OCD doesn’t have to be a negative thing. My hope is to someday find someone who loves me for me, quirks and lists and all.

tara caribou | ©2019

41 thoughts on “Reasons to Love (or Hate) a Woman with OCD

  1. I check the front door about five times every night before I go to sleep. I’ve also been known to turn back halfway to wherever I was going to in order to double-check if I locked the door, which I checked several times before even leaving the building.

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  2. See, that 2nd list isn’t really a deal breaker, I reckon. You’d go through anything for the one you love. Well, almost anything. Maybe not endless reruns of ‘Blue’s Clues’ or anything. We all have our limits! 😛

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