Passing Fancy

how quickly I faded
from your memories
from your every day
how my touch turned to echoes
tiptoeing across your skin

yet I can still recall
in great detail
your sexy voice in my ear
details and expletives
spilling upon our sheets

I can still feel you
between my thighs
branding your name there
using your electric tongue
as a stylus

I can still remember
your hands gripping my hips tightly
moving our bodies together
in perfect harmony and rhythm

I can still see your face
when I close my eyes
perfect details etched there
for all eternity
your beautiful eyes
which I fell into deeply
forever falling
from the first time I saw your face

oh you’ve permanently altered me
for good
for better
for wonder upon wonders

so how can you be permanent for me
when I was temporary for you
I still miss you
and my heart aches for you
and it hurts
that I was just your passing fancy

tara caribou | ©️2019

31 thoughts on “Passing Fancy

  1. For me, this is much more of a sprinkling of sorrow compared to some of your other posts. Like dusting into a wound. Some very wonderful parts ‘using your electric tongue’ i especially liked, but also the duality of the temporary and permanent. People drift in and out of our lives, it’s up to us to grow and evolve with each encounter. Nothing lasts forever, your legacy should be about shedding skin, and less nursing scars.
    Heal and grow. Loved the piece!

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      1. It’s tough, and hurtful at times…but all a test. I liked the subtle sorrowful tone to this, was very cleverly done. How could i expect it not to have been. Thank you for the continued sharing of your soul!

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  2. I like that there’s just enough vagueness in your work to make me wonder “are all of these about one specific person?” This piece in particular is very thought-provoking, and resonates with me personally because I know I’ve been the person being addressed here. It’s a valuable glimpse into the impact one person can have on another while being almost completely oblivious to it at the time. Or even worse, being aware of the other party’s feelings and being purposely deceitful, manipulating them to get what you want. There’s a lot being said right now about mistakes men make when writing female characters and I’m inclined to agree with it, as so many of them are just men’s perceptions of women transplanted onto a mannequin. They should be reading your blog and others like it for insight instead of charging blindly ahead and refusing to delve outside of their own limited perspectives.

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    1. To be completely honest, many of my works are not true to me or my reality. But, I can look into the human condition, I can remember certain events or emotions, and yeah, I love deeply as a friend and as a lover, so I can remember people who have come and gone. I also think of myself as a doomed lover, so I love but that love isn’t returned. At least, no more than in a passing fancy sort of a way.

      As a side note, I’m always curious if people can tell when I write, if what they have read is reality or not. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I do have a very vivid active imagination and fantasy life, so there’s that. (Why do you think I love science-fiction so much!)

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        1. Well, I should clarify. This is genuine to a point. Some parts are real and some are imagined. For instance, I really DON’T like being a temporary fix when it’s convenient. That’s a hard thing to be: a bandage. And there is a person who I fell head-over-heels for even before I looked into his eyes, and when I did, it was like falling deeper every time.

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    2. I agree when you say “so many of them are just men’s perceptions of women transplanted onto a mannequin”. Indeed, far too often we place our preconceived ideas overtop of a real love human and wonder why they “let us down”.

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