Promise Ring

he gave her a ring
and she stares at it
with all its implications
its meanings
its hidden agendas
and its heavy weight
somehow wrapped all up
in thin gold and delicate gems

it fit perfectly
of course it did
but it also comes with
unspoken broken promises
late nights spent crying and yelling
desires and longing unfulfilled
questions better left unasked
quiet removals when one too many stinging barbs lashed out
the echoes of a door being slammed one more time

perhaps the ring will be witness to far more than she is ready to bear once again

he gave her a ring
and she leaves it sitting on the table
accusations already emanating from it
a heavy shackle in-waiting
as she stares into her future

tara caribou | ©2020

Read this and more in my poetry book, Four.

26 thoughts on “Promise Ring

        1. Sandwich? Yes. Cheerful?? Ehh… not so much. I’ll tell you what… I’ll -try-… BUT you might now want to read the next post of mine because it’s very NOT cheerful (just a friendly warning).

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  1. All of that and more. We commit to ambivalence and not knowing; it makes a strong case for hope and faith and love and vulnerability; unless the brokenness within knows something older, darker, scarier. In that case, run like hell. Mona

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  2. Some rings are exquisite but the emotional cost too high for the wearer……

    Reading “The Eden Project” perhaps a little leaf through that might have any potential ring recipients reorganizing their plans.:)

    Another perfectly written poem.

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