cracked rib grants light an entrance
but never a splinter more
your surgeon’s fingers itch then
reach beyond but
jagged edges impart red ribbons twisting
pulled tight over gooseflesh
bloodshot eyes grimace

let us go back to resuscitation
ball of clay can’t weep precious life
squeezed and molded to conform
it holds its forever shape now
ripped flesh
hardly worth the meager reward
your shadow shrinks on the horizon

calcium deposits cover clotted gore
results reveal
harsh zigzagged and petrified ossification
a rough callus protects now
you’ll never break through
and really
why would you want to?

tara caribou | ©️2019

38 thoughts on “Ribcage

      1. lol, for real the style, vibe and terminology reminds me of something I’d read in the lyric booklets of any number of CDs I’ve amassed over the past thirty years.
        Bands with darker and more cryptic/poetic lyrics.
        This morbid angel lyric from the song “rapture” for example:

        Intrude – We are of one
        Under will, I walk the path of sin
        With your spells I die again

        Raise me from mortal
        My will be your will
        My words speak your words
        Your pains raise me to bliss

        What of this anger now
        Received to lance your enemy
        I feel the energy
        The poison moves in me
        I spill blood

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        1. ohmygod Patrick…. uhhh I hope I didn’t subconsciously steal someone’s lyrics!! Because that’s me too. Especially since I named it Ribcage and immediately had the DemonHunter song (of the same name) stuck in my head thereafter lol

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        2. Nonsense. You are a real poet. All I meant was that I thought some of your poems share common tones and moods with extreme metal lyrics, which I dig. Some of them make me think more of Depeche Mode, which I also enjoy. My brain is always drawing comparisons. I woke up this morning and had this realization that “the guitar solo from 2:06 of REO speedwagon’s “take it on the run” is identical to the intro solo of Poison’s “Life goes on.” That was literally my first waking thought of the day. 😂.

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        3. Haha! What’s even greater about that thought is that I actually listened to “take it on the run” yesterday… which is rare for me. I don’t generally listen to REO S. Haha! My favorite band is Red. Well and Pink Floyd of course. Depeche Mode isn’t my favorite but they’re okay. What about Puscifer? My friend AP Christopher (another poet here) introduced me to them. Remnants of Tool.

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        4. I must’ve heard take it on the run in public somewhere, in a store, Idk. But in my head I was hearing the solo and it transitioned into the first verse from the poison song, which was my 13yo self’s theme song of the summer of 1990 when I was pining for a girl I’d spent time with on summer vacay who lived far away, and I looked it up and it’s dead on. Lol. Yeah, Pink Floyd is great. Aware of puscifer, but I never gave them a chance since I don’t like tool. I’ll have to look them up

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        5. Yeah, I’m not a Tool fan but I like some of Puscifer’s songs. I don’t know, maybe 6-8 of them. It’s hit and miss. lol
          I like Polar Bear and Rev 22 20… And a couple other songs I can’t think of the names for…. but for what it’s worth, I know have the REO S song stuck in my head 🙄 lol

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    1. I was hurting emotionally and wanted to get those strong feelings out. Sometimes intense imagery is the way to do that. I wrote a poem called Butcher that runs along similar lines.


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