Tied – Erotica

Slowly, carefully the soft rope is tightened around my wrists and forearms, then tied off. I shiver in anticipation of what’s to come. Will it be slow and drawn out? Fast and rough like I love it? There is care in his preparations but a severity as well. The air shifts behind me. My mind guesses at what he’s doing. He stands me up, pulling on my bound arms. Against the wall he pushes me. The air moves again. Quiets. My breathing, slog with my racing heartbeat, picks up.

The crop’s slap is unexpected. Loud. Hard. My ass stings. Uncontrollably, I cry out. This seems to urge him on. I hear a grunt of satisfaction as he whips me again and again. Harder. Then softer. Sometimes stroking. Always stinging. I’m nearly panting. My pussy is so wet, my nectar runs down my leg. I hear myself beg for more. Now his strong hand is rubbing my ass, my hips, the backs of my thighs. Soothing the ache. My skin burns. I feel his breath on my neck and shoulder. The crop’s sting is replaced by his strong hand. Once. Twice. Three times.

His fingers trace the curve of my ass. Down my crack. And roughly push into my drenched pussy. Hissing, my back arches of its own accord. I hear a low growl behind me. A bite on my shoulder. My entire body shudders. His fingers push in and pull out. He leans in to me again. His cool naked skin against mine. His hard cock pressed into my hip. Suddenly his fingers leave me and I’m ripped away from the wall. Pushed onto the bed, my face pressed into the sheets.

Roughly he lifts my hips up and pulls me backwards so my knees barely rest on the edge. Again his hand finds my ass. The sting is more pronounced as he slaps me harder and harder still. It feels so good, I could cum, if he allowed me to. My cries and moans intensify. I want him to keep going. I want his cock. I want his hands on me. I want it so bad I beg him for it. I want to cum. I want to feel his orgasm shudder inside me. I want him to lose control. I want it to be because of me.

The spanking turns to stroking. Massaging my sore muscles. He spreads my legs wider. I hear a soft shuffle behind me. I turn my head to look but his hand is there in my hair pushing my face down again. His grip is tight and the needles on my scalp is glorious. Impossibly, I become wetter still. He releases my hair and slides his hands down my spine. Spreading my ass cheeks. Then a puff of warm air on my pussy and his wonderfully soft tongue licks me slowly from clit to ass. And again.

He moans his pleasure. So do I. I rock back a little but his hands mostly hold me in place. Face down, arms bound behind my back, ass in the air and legs spread, I’m completely at his mercy. His beard softly scratches my thighs while he sucks and licks and probes me with his tongue. I want his cock and I tell him so. He continues his onslaught with no regard to my increasingly vocal requests to feel his hard cock inside me.

Without warning he pulls back and smacks my ass, hard. The next time it’s my soaked, aching pussy he spanks. I cry out. It’s so good. He does it again. My body shudders. I expect his cock but instead his rough fingers penetrate me at the same time as his other hand wraps itself in my long hair. This hand yanks back, hard, while his fingers roughly fuck me. Now his hands release me fully. I’m on the edge. I want to fall. I want to feel him inside me. Seconds seem to stretch into minutes. I crave his touch.

Almost gently he strokes my aching arms. He adjusts my body minutely then presses his hard cock into me. Not forcefully, but not gently. A low moan escapes his throat. Yes; I want him to fuck me. His pace starts out controlled, slower. His hands run up my back, over my shoulders, fingers pressing into my throat. Pulling me onto his cock. I gasp for air. Everything goes grey before he eases up just enough. He does this again and again. His pace picking up, his growls louder.

He releases my throat and grips my hair again. Slamming his cock into me deeper still while yanking my head back. I cry out. His other hand finds my hip and spanks me, hard. It’s more than I can take and I find myself falling into oblivion, screaming out his name as I cum and cum. Honey gushes out, coats his pounding cock. A few strokes later and he’s following me into orgasmic bliss. My pussy is still pulsing as his deep feral voice echoes around us as he fills me to overflowing with his hot cum. I feel a mixture of us running down my shaking thighs.

Exhausted I collapse on my side, he does the same in front of me. We lay there looking into each other’s eyes, panting, sweaty, consumed, satisfied. The moment is as intimate as any of the minutes before. He reaches over me and gently unties my sore wrists. Massaging softly for a moment before kissing me and sighing out his love for me. Only a few moments pass before we’ve both fallen fast asleep. Spent and utterly satiated.

tara caribou | ©️2019

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