Little mouse quakes and shivers
Little mouse twitches her whiskers
Little mouse watches from the dark corner under the coffee table

Her heart stirs
Her heart goes pitter-patter
Her heart nearly bursts within her breast

She sees what she wants
She sees the path clearly
She sees the most delectable morsel

Little mouse peers about her
Little mouse waits patiently
Little mouse learns bravery as soon as the sun goes down

Her paws move swift
Her paws go pitter-patter
Her paws nearly scrabble and skitter

She creeps ‘round the corner
She creeps up the bedpost
She creeps ‘til she finds what she wants

Little mouse nibbles
Little mouse washes her whiskers
Little mouse –SNAP

….learns a lesson about stealing something that doesn’t belong to her

tara caribou | ©️2019

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