Make Me Yours – Erotica

as your fingers
slip across my skin
my breath stutters
I’m no longer in control
of my own body
it reaches up for you

back arching
head back
throat exposed
nipples hard
pussy drenched
legs parting

my hands drift up and
latch onto your hair
entwine there
pull you down to me

as our lips meet and
mouths open
tongues touching
your hand runs up my side
my ribs
my arm
teeth biting lips
pulling sucking nibbling
down your hand runs
thumb brushing
the side of my breast
down down
over my hip
squeezing bruising
fingers spreading wide
reaching under to grasp my ass
gripping hard
lifting me up
pulling me into you

your hungry mouth
lowers to my throat
teeth grazing
nipping biting
now soft tongue licking

my breathing is shallow
I’m moaning
begging for more
your wet mouth lowers still further
biting my tits
marking me
making me yours
bruising and tasting
licking sucking squeezing

your hand has moved
inward and downward
still squeezing and massaging
but now
your fingertips are grazing my lower lips
coated in my dew

I’m not sure
how much longer I can wait
I want you now
take me
push yourself into me
lift my hips and thrust deep
I don’t want gentle or slow
I want you
the real you
the dark beast who claims
I’m ready

make me your woman
together we’ll soar and conquer
if only
I could have you
inside me

tara caribou | ©️2018

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