Slutty – Erotica

Come here slut
Get on your knees
Pull down my pants
Worship my cock

And so of course I do

Because I AM your slut
And I’m soaked
Absolutely drenched
Just hearing you say those words

My mouth is watering

I’m rubbing my soft lips all over your head
Teasing, kissing
My tongue is soft too
Pushing and curling, sucking, hungry

Your hands dig into my hair
I love it when you take over
Pulling my face in hard and fast
Forcing your cock down my open throat

I can feel my drenched pussy
Running down my leg
I can smell your masculine scent
Pervading, overtaking

I want more

My hand snakes up your thigh
Squeezes and scratches
Finds its way to your heavy balls
Oooohhhh I love your balls

My greedy tongue wants more
And I find myself burying my face there
Writing “fuck me” with my tongue
And “I love you” with my lips

Suck my cock, you filthy slut

Ohhh fuck yes
Oh yes I will as my hands stay busy
And I’m moaning wantonly
You fill me perfectly

Pulling back on my hair
You pause and I open my mouth wide
My tongue is ready
Then empty your load

Ribbons and ropes
Covering my mouth and my lips
Oh fuck me
God you’re sexy

Licking my lips clean
Swallowing every drop you gave me
I suck your softening cock
‘Til you’re clean

Because I’m the best slut you’ll ever have

tara caribou | ©️2019

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