what hurts is
I am nothing
but a piece of clay
filling a void

I’m not
the missing piece
a piece
of muddy clay
and when the hole
doesn’t feel so empty
cast me aside
until you need
a substitute again

I’m not sure
why I do this to myself
why I allow
myself to be temporary

I’m a sucker for you

it dawned on me
just yesterday
what I am

am I mud or dirt?
am I clay or molten lava?
I am fire and flame

so do I even really exist?

I am nothing
my breath
my oxygen
stifling without you
raging with you

an inferno
lusting for more
ravenously craving

the wind
doesn’t need the flame
now does it?

tara caribou | ©️2019

16 thoughts on “Wildfire

  1. Wonderful imagery. It really expands well from the concept. I like how you position yourself as the flame in the end, the colours of flames in wood fires are due to different substances consumed…i think this fits so well here. The agency of emotions is intense.
    I hope the ashes fly on the wind, and stick into the eyes of the unworthy 🙂

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    1. You’re so fucking awesome, Mark. Really, you are. Thanks for the great comment. I stared at this poem in my notes for I don’t know how many days. Never quite happy with it. Not sure if what I was trying to say was conveyed right.


      1. As are you my friend, i really liked this one. I’m glad it made it from notes to final, so many get lost in that transition (speaking from experience). I’m not sure if i interpreted everything you wanted to say, but i did so in my own way..the licence of poems. But the mud to flame movement is very strong and readable. More please 🙂

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  2. There always seems to be an imbalance when it comes to relationships. One party always seems to need the other more, or the other needs less. That’s what I think of when I read this. Fantastic poem, Tara. It rings absolutely true.

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