outside the ice is creeping up the windows
while the auroras seem to be flowing
ever closer to the treetops
my sigh a puff of air
turns into a small white cloud which
instantly crystallizes and floats away
specks of glitter reflecting
the sliver of moon and the dancing lights

I sigh again but I dare not cry
my insides are cold and dry and
I’m honestly not sure
where the tears come from anymore

I want you
this much I know
I don’t want to live another day
without you

my fingers ache to weave with yours
my lips quiver with want
I long to feel my hair wrapped
around your hand
and your hot breath along my thigh
I shiver and pulse with desire imagining
your grazing teeth leaving trails of bruises
your tongue tracing paths along each
and every curve

my skin is flushed
with glimmers of hope and
wishful thinking
steam rises from my body
my mind continues
to churn out detail upon detail

a violent shiver brings me back
the moon has shifted
from one foot to the other
in her patient trek amongst the stars and
the auroras for the moment have stilled

I want you more
than I have ever wanted anyone
of this I am sure

tara caribou | ©2020

Read this and more in my poetry book, Four.

8 thoughts on “Scintillation

  1. It’s chilling. I like the sense of overwhelm in feeling.

    What is hard to sense is cold – it’s damn hot here – over 40 for the next week, Celsius type .. I don’t remember the last time I saw foggy breath …

    Liked by 1 person

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