I miss you my friend
You always seemed to see
All the best parts of me
And when I was down, you lifted me up

You heard me when I spoke
You listened to the unspoken words
The layers I kept underneath
And although you never said so
You made me feel beautiful

You told me that you cared for me
I believed you
Because your actions showed you did

Since you left me
I’ve been sad and lonely
I miss you

I miss your voice and your smile
(At least I have a few pictures to hold)
I miss the way your voice changed
When you spoke to anyone else
I miss your perfect logic
I miss laughing with you
I miss being a part of your day

I miss you

You should know
I will love you and cherish our friendship
Until my very last breath

I’m sorry that I’m still crying
(I know you hate it when I do)
It’s that I love you and I miss you
So very much

I’m not much of a woman at all
Without your hand to hold

tara caribou | ©2020