Feedback Loop

you are my smiles and my laughter
you are my good days and my growth
you are my person through and through

I won’t deny it
here I am
alone because I’m not for you
(though you are it for me)

I am alone

I have cried bitter tears
I have burst with happiness
I’ve been stretched beyond my imagination
I have learned new ways of thinking
I’ve been moved from my comfort zone

you understand me
know what makes me tick and
that frightens me because
there’s nothing I can say
to surprise you
to capture your future attentions

I know
you will never
long for me
the way I long for you

Damn it!

I want us to be

I want to wake up to you
I want to fall asleep to you
I want to be your desire
I want to be the one
who fills all the empty places in you
like you do for me

fact is, I love you
and there’s nothing I can do
but love you silently
from way over here

tara caribou | ©️2018