Unwrap Me – Erotica

unwrap me
undress me
pull all my straps down
admire what’s yours

let your lips caress my throat
your fingers trailing
slide down, down, down

my legs
lift over your shoulder
look up at me
lean closer

inhale me
spread me
taste me
devour me
when I shudder and sigh
quaking and moaning

lift me and lay me
upon my stomach
legs hanging off the bed
a red velvet ribbon
to tie my arms behind me

spank me
’til I’m red
stroke me
’til I’m shaking
rub yourself on me
’til I’m begging

grip me tight
take me as you want me
and don’t stop
’til you’ve had your fill

and then
only then
after the ribbon’s been loosed
and our breathing has slowed

will I have been
by you

tara caribou | ©️2018 (revised)

Merry Christmas, indeed….

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