Don’t Go – Erotica

You slid up behind me as I was laying naked on the bed. I was on my side and covered by a sheet from my hip to my ankles. I was barely awake, somewhere between dreams and reality. Just enough to register the movement behind me, you slipping under the thin cotton sheet.

I felt you pressing up against me and you were hard; your hand gliding smoothly up my arm before moving my hair a little to expose my neck. You kissed me on my shoulder and on my neck, my ear. You pushed into me a little and instantly I was soaking wet.

I made a little sound in my throat and you hmmmm’d a little. I pushed my ass back into you some and rocked my hips. Your hand moved down and over my curvy full hip, brushed the hair covering my damp pussy.

I lifted my leg up and your fingers slid between my lips, circled my clit a few times. You pinched it. ‘ooohhh’ I moaned a little louder. I was rocking my hips back rhythmically into you and your cock was between my ass cheeks. Then you reached back and you adjusted yourself as I spread my leg wider, then you pushed into me with two thrusts.

I was so slick and wet, it was so easy. You held still for a moment as you ground out “fuck!” Then you reached up to where my shoulder meets my neck and you pushed me forward as you drove yourself in me hard. “Oh, fuck yes, baby!” I cried. “Harder!”

You began thrusting inside me so hard and deep and fast. I reached back and grabbed on to your hip pulling you closer, if that was possible. And our legs became entangled as we moved together.

You fucked me and fucked me and all of the sudden I could feel I was going to cum and I knew you were close too and you said, “cum with me, sugar” and right after that I came so hard and you were too and we were both screaming out really loud and I saw stars behind my eyes.

And we lay there for a few moments. You rested your head on my shoulder. And I was moaning a little still because it had felt so good. And I could feel you were still hard and I knew you wanted to cum again so I sat up and I gently pushed you on to your back.

Then I went down between your legs and I could feel your cum mixed with mine dripping down my thighs as I placed my soft lips around your ready cock and I tasted us both there as well.

It made me so turned on I started sucking on your cock and making love to you, worshipping your cock and you were laying there alternating between looking down at me and throwing your head back and you were moaning so loud and telling me how much you fucking loved what I was doing.

And I was sucking on your balls and swirling my tongue there and my fingers were playing with your ass, teasing you there as well. Then I’d use my tongue too and it was driving you absolutely mad and you kept saying, “come here baby, I wanna feel your tight pussy” but I just kept licking and sucking and kissing.

I could tell you were getting closer and you grabbed my hair and said “get up here” so I climbed up and straddled you. You cried out when I did and for a moment we just stopped and stared into each other’s eyes and you had such a look, like you wanted to say something but instead your fingers dug into my hips.

You began thrusting into me and I was riding you, grinding hard and then you stopped and your eyes flew open wide and you arched your back and held my hips so tight and you came so hard screaming out my name as you did.

Then I held you as you relaxed and I stroked your chest and your throat and your face with my fingertips. Your breathing slowed and you pulled me down to your chest and wrapped your arms around me and you said “please, don’t go”.

tara caribou | ©️2018

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