Whispers and Kisses

Upon waking this morn
My mind was filled with thoughts of you
Memories of your voice
Your face floating before my eyes
Oh how I love your smile
I’m drawn in and back to dreaming

Our lips touching
First gentle becoming rough
My tongue licking your lip
Sucking on it
Kissing the corners of your mouth
Sliding tongues along one another
Slithering and curling
Tasting and questing
A hundred kisses across your cheeks
And chin and forehead and throat
Memorizing every dip and curve

Kissing leads to stroking and petting
Rubbing and squeezing
Pulling in close, tight
Wanting more, always more

Hold me in your arms
Look into my eyes
Tell me you love me too
Tell me I’m worth it

I want to be your last thought
As you drift off to sleep
Your first thought each new morning
Please whisper my name
Tell me you want me
Tell me I’m yours

tara caribou | ©️2018

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