Haunted – Erotica

My fingers trailing
Across my many curves and valleys
A poor substitute for yours
Quivering thighs
Aching for your touch
My throat bared
Wanting your lips, your teeth

Oh to feel you now
Our bodies entwined
Mouths crashing together
Sucking your tongue
My leg over your hip
Pulling you closer, closer

Your hand in my hair, on my neck
Down you pull me again
As if you can’t get enough
But it’s me who can’t be satiated
In reality
You’re far away and I’m here
Yet the ghost of your body
Haunts my every nightly thought

Your hot breath on my neck
Just before you bite then suck
And bite again
Marking me as belonging to you
Your strong hand spanking
Just before rubbing and stroking
Scratching my skin
Your fingers pushing deep
Pulling back
Just before stilling, my releasing

Your actions laying claim
To what’s yours

Now I’m still laying here
Writhing on my bed
A slave to your touch, your voice
My hips still lift and pulse
And once again
I’m drenched with thoughts of you
Always thoughts of you

tara caribou | ©️2018

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