Pretty Words for Ugly Thoughts

On my knees I lapped up your attentions like a dog that hadn’t drank in a month

I suppose I should’ve seen the kick coming before it did but the glitter in my eyes blinded me to the truth of you

To top it off, I sat right back up and begged you to stay, to hold me, to give me another chance

All those dreams I had, me and you disappearing into the sunset hand in hand

You casually tossed them to the floor, twisted them beneath your heel, turned and walked away

Maybe these are just pretty words for ugly thoughts, because now I’m just a dog, sitting and staring, waiting for the one she loves to return

tara caribou | ©️2018

*please remember, this work has nothing to do with or about or towards the blogger mentioned, simply that I used their blog name/title/tagline as a writing prompt.

Thanks, B. Here’s #mygifttoyou

I absolutely adore the way you are so real, holding nothing back, open and honest in all your self-loathing and need to bury the pain and beauty beneath your Ativan and applesauce. The way you make no apologies, just: hey, this is me. Like it or leave. That. Right there. I wish there was more of that in this world. ~tara

13 thoughts on “Pretty Words for Ugly Thoughts

        1. Fuck, and I believe you, Tara. I feel like JP, from Grandma’s Boy, hiding behind my duster jacket, against the wall, saying, “How did they see me.”
          That’s such a random reference, and if you know it, I’ll love you forever haha.
          Thanks T, you’re awesome.

          Liked by 1 person

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