Grind – Erotica

rough hands on my soft skin
the sting of your hand
smacking my ass
making it red
the quick gasp of breath
pulling back my hair
kissing me
probing my mouth with your tongue
squeezing my tits
pinching my hard nipples
twisting, pulling them
the heat of your body
pressing against mine
pinning me to the wall
raising my hands
holding them above my head
kissing your way down my soft neck
teeth nearly breaking the skin
moving down your hand
squeezing my ass
pulling me to you
your body pushing against me
sliding down my ass your fingers
brushing my wetness
lips soft against my tits
kissing sucking growling
sliding my erect nipple into
your hot wet mouth
sucking hard
pressing your face into my soft breast
pulling away slightly
sliding your hand around my hips
between my milky soft thighs
finding your mark
sliding gently between
brushing my clit
gliding inside me I moan
spreading my thighs
pushing out against your touch
feeling the throbbing fire within
working in and out with my thrusts
kissing me hard, rough
feeling your passion, your need build
grinding against my leg
letting go of my arms
grabbing a handful of my hair
pulling back hard
pressing your lips greedily to mine
guiding me away from the wall by my hair
bending me over the bed
feeling the hot smack and sting
against my bare ass again and again
finally your hand squeezing my ass
sliding fingers inside me
touching my tight ass with your thumb
flowing juices down my thighs
soaking your fingers
thrusting faster and faster
pulling out drenched
pushing me to my knees
directing my face to meet you
opening my lips, they hungrily part
filling my mouth
feeling me swallow and relax
pushing yourself closer
burying my soft wet mouth
my senses filling with the scent of you
working my tongue
my lips sliding wetly over every inch
gasping as you pull away
moving behind me
moaning with anticipation
brushing along my wet pussy
sliding in slowly
spreading me
driving deep inside
filling me
burying deeper as you thrust inside me
grabbing my hips
grinding into me
growling, thrusting deeper inside me
gripping my hair again
pulling me to you
arching my back
wet juices
running down my thighs
moaning as you take me
grabbing my hips
squeezing while you stroke in and out
“this is all mine, baby” you growl
thrusting faster
building my need
pushing me forward on the bed
and onto my side
lifting up one leg
fucking me hard and deep
slapping my clit
my hand moves down
rubbing myself as I cum hard for you
soaking you
growling and moaning
pushing every last shudder from me
until it runs out and down my ass
collapsing against me
in my arms
we grind together
completely satisfied

tara caribou | ยฉ๏ธ2018

45 thoughts on “Grind – Erotica

        1. It mostly already has, Bill. I just didnโ€™t realize it was me ๐Ÿ˜‰ Maybe I should cool it off a bit??? But then Iโ€™m afraid I would erupt like a molten volcano. I need to release super-heated bits now and again so that I donโ€™t supernova LOL

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  1. Y’know, this has a very grindcore rhythm to it – hard fast, short bursts of wonderfully hard and simplistic yet forceful riffing. Maybe it’s the title, but I did get that vibe. But a well-produced one, because it has the silk sheets and the warm, dim lights, the hard wood floors, the clean walls and surrealist paintings in black frames… black and gold, furniture black, accents of light fixtures a nice, vibrant, full gold. Warm room, no chill here, made even hotter. Sweat-drenched sheets and disheveled bed. Clothes on the floor, making a path towards the bed itself, one item at a time – not just a sign of shed covers but shed inhibitions.

    So yeah. XD

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