go on, lay your lips upon my thighs
suckle there
you will find yourself come alive
there in my valley

drink down my rivers of life
gushing in torrents
lap me with that soft and thick tongue
my fingers will plow furrows
in your hair
while my land quakes and shudders

curl your tongue
taste my many pink petals
a lotus rising from the depths
as I open fully to you
don’t let a single one go to waste

and while my flower pushes up and shivers
my back will arch
in that delectable way
from my fresh-faced and drenched glory
to my soft pale belly
over my ripe peaches
(with their erect stems
perfect for nimble lips
to nip and hold
deft fingers to squeeze and test
onwards up to the curved cliffs
of my petroglyphed shoulders
(begging for a trailing tongue
the sharp teeth of a virile lover

having crossed that land bridge
your fingertips will find
my greedy lips
push past them and you’ll meet
my warm damp embrace
sucking you deeper
craving you
just as you desire me

I am mud and energy
but you
you’re fire and wisdom

so go on and taste me
taste me until we’ve created
a brand new universe
using your name pulled from my lungs
mixed with your own burning essence

stardust and clay

tara caribou | ©️2018

13 thoughts on “Creation

  1. My goodness, Tara Caribou. This is unutterably moving and beautiful to me.
    I wonder at what beguiling magic it is which compels humanity to the creation of beautiful things in general. But there is something so singularly compelling about you compositions, which move me to bewitched mystification.
    I must confess I am completely entranced, entirely undone and vanquished, heart and soul by your poetry.

    Liked by 1 person

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