The Stories In Between

words left unsaid
promises broken
attempting to fill in the blanks
late nights unexplained
the stories in between
half-truths and omissions
partially erased lies
innuendos for imaginations
lipstick stains
foreign cologne
dropping the “i” in love
famous distancing language
crossed arms and face turned away
ringless by the left hand
narrowed eyes reflect sour lips
no more reading between the lines
let’s just be honest

tara caribou | ©️2018

*please remember, this work has nothing to do with or about or towards the blogger mentioned, simply that I used their blog name/title/tagline as a writing prompt.

Thank you, Stories. Here’s #mygifttoyou

You are such a joy (is that the right word?) to write with. I love your dark sense of humor and I feel myself reaching out, stretching to be a better writer when I’m in your shadow. I cherish our friendship. ~tara

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