(Less Than) Innocent – Erotica

Standing at the kitchen sink
Staring out the window
I’m wearing nothing but a black t-shirt
And a pair of pale pink underwear

I lean forward and I feel my shirt rise
Exposing flesh to the cool air
From your place on the couch
I know you can see me and I hear
What’re you doin’ over there, Babe?

Glancing over my shoulder
Making sure you’re watching
I let my hands answer your question
Hooking my thumbs at my hips
Slowly I push the thin fabric
Down my thighs
Knowing you’ll get a glimpse

Leisurely standing back up
My hands trail from my ankles
Up my calves moving outward
Across my hips
Finding the hem of my shirt
I sway my hips just a little as I
Drag it up and over my head
Dropping it to the floor

Hands resting in my hair
I stand across the room fully exposed
Looking slightly over my shoulder again I
Allow my fingers to drift lower gradually
Down my ribs
Inward to my full breasts
Lifting them, squeezing, pinching
Because I know you would

Hearing a rustle on the couch
I know you like what you see
Purring a little I say
Go on, take yourself in hand, watch me

Slipping my hands back down my ribs
My hands trace my curves down
Over my hips again and inward
Shifting, spreading my legs wider
They inch their way toward my
Soaking wet pussy

My fingers slip between my legs I
Slide my fingers through those folds
You can’t fully see what I’m doing
Yet I know you can imagine it

Dragging my hands back over my hips
Sweeping back and grabbing my ass
Spreading my cheeks and bending over
Not too far, but far enough
My nails dig into my skin
Your growling tells me you like that

Fingers reaching down to
Slide along my lips, over my ass
Along my hips, up my ribs
Raising my arms above my head
Fingers in my long hair
Languidly I turn around

You’re stroking yourself
Smirking, I let my hands drift down
Tracing my throat on down to my breasts
Pinching both nipples as I
Advance toward you

Hips swaying everso slightly with each step
When I finally reach you
Standing between your knees
Your free hand reaching for me
Gripping my hip tightly
I know my kitchen sink show has ended

The fun is just beginning

tara caribou | ©️2018

31 thoughts on “(Less Than) Innocent – Erotica

  1. I loved the deliberate build-up here, reliance on the visual to go beyond just the visual. I also loved “because I know you would” – because it suggests such a wonderful level of connectedness here, more than just flesh or just sex. That makes it all the more denser, let’s say, more intense. The random kickoff also works wonderfully.


    Liked by 1 person

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