Slide inside my silky embrace
Gaze into my eyes
As we move and sigh together

Pushing and pulling
Fingers gripping, squeezing
Our bodies slipping
Slick with sweat and love

My back arching off the mattress
In an attempt to get closer
Move deeper
Grind yourself on me

Take all I have to offer
And then, take even more
Let your mouth possess me

Your hands gripping my wrists
Hold me down
Take control and power
Wield it for yourself

Give me what I didn’t know I needed
Allow me to show you
Just how much you mean to me
Let me satisfy the wild inside

Take me just how you need me
I’ll be right there, as one
Feel how wet I am for you

Our bodies move
Together in perfect rhythm
Moans and growls
Teeth and tongues

Release yourself, all of you
Take me with you
Let us fly into oblivion together

You and I

tara caribou | ©️2018

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