Coming 01 December…

Recently my friend and fellow writer, Spiral Artist, inspired something in me. He wrote a poem the other day that used my blog title “Raw Earth Ink” as a ‘prompt’ of sorts. This got me thinking… Thanksgiving, a time we set aside to give thanks for what we have, has just passed while Christmas, a time for giving gifts, is just around the corner. And I thought, you know, you guys, my readers and friends, are so awesome. What can I do but thank you and give you a gift, meager as it may be?

Soooo…. for the month of December I will be posting a poem nearly ever day inspired by… well, YOU. Each day will have at least one poem that will be prompted by a fellow blogger’s User Name, Blog Title, or Tagline. It will NOT be about the person behind the blog for real, as, to be honest, 1) I only know as much as you tell me, 2) I respect your privacy, 3) come on, this is tara writing here so there very well may be some sensual poems in there…. oh who am I kidding? there is.

Some things of note. If you do NOT want to be used as an inspiration OR you read what I post and it’s not okay with you, please for the love of Pete… tell me! If you DO WANT me to do one inspired by you, also, please tell me! I will do my best.

Anyway, I hope that you will see the gift for what it is and that you’ll enjoy it. Happy Holidays, my friends (I LOVE this time of year!)

~tara caribou


33 Comments on “Coming 01 December…

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  2. I can’t WAIT! Of course I am more than just a “little” curious about my own piece, but I am also psyched to see what you do with everyone else!

    Oh and also? Flattered and honored 🙂 Yes, already. I have the blush ready…

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