Love’s Anchor

when I look at you and
you look at me it’s like
I am made whole and complete and
my heart soars with
the strong wings of love and
there’s a fire ignited
within my very soul that
can’t easily be extinguished and
my body burns
at your every touch and
my spirit has found another
with which to walk
hand in hand through all eternity and
I know with certainty that
whatever winds prevail
I can stand firm for
you will be my love’s anchor and
whatever storms may arise
I will remain atop the waves held safely
within your arms of love and
no matter what fierce pounding rains may seek to wash away
I can let it pass over me for
your love is my rock and foundation and
though we may share
tears and trials and hardships and
joy and laughter and growth and
tension and release
we will always
always survive and
be made stronger for
I have you and
have me

tara caribou | ©️2017

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