Never Be

“I’m no good for you.
just let me go,”
she whispered
through trembling lips.

“I’m not who
you think I am
and we can
be more than this.”

“But what if this,”
he cried,
“Is just what we need?
For you’re my Now.
And my Forever.”

“It can never be.”

So closing her shining eyes,
she turned away for, behold,
the tears had already
begun to flow down
her pale, sunken cheeks.

tara caribou | ©️2017

15 thoughts on “Never Be

  1. You’re good at this. Very good, and I like it, because it’s genuine, but that poem where you personified an owl, and used an allegory of sorts was just something else. Excellent.

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      1. So much love, joy, blessings and dreams missed out on when one lives that way. I always feel like that way is unfair because it feels like someone is making my decision for me.


  2. This is an interesting one. First and foremost, the limitation enforced is so real. It may not be perceived as real, but it is because it is made to be. If you don’t feel that more is possible, then there is no reason to force it; on the other hand, whether more is needed is an open question (at least here) and the issue then becomes – for who? Maybe one side is okay with this not being more, but the other side isn’t.

    In a way, this perfectly illustrates the dilemma of the ages.

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    1. Going in to the explanation behind this “different for tara” poem would take more space up than the poem itself, or even what it’s worth. It’s a little bit of experimentation mixed with role reversal or maybe opposites. Who knows, eh?

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