Whispers for the Future

pretty girl
you, whose voice was stolen
I can still hear you
though you say nothing at all
your tears, cascading, whisper
your eyes, downcast, murmur
your fingers, woven,
thumbnail tapping on thumbnail, confide
your feet, tucked under, speak volumes
your sighs, held tightly, tell a secret

I reached across time and space
with a tiny pair of scissors
snipped away each suture carefully
he made you watch so you
sewed them shut
he made you stay quiet so you did
you did…
until you didn’t

and now, who has stole your voice?
I clipped each thread and
your watering eyes opened
I licked your lips and
so did your mouth
remember how I held and stroked you
your cheek beneath my thumb
I lay cuddled up behind you
a cocoon’s embrace of love

when you found your voice
it burst forth in song and melodies
lyrics of real authenticity
I captured each note
plucked them from the air
tasted them one by one
and when I breathed out once more
it was smoke and ash
I was, myself, changed by your beauty

in one measure of time I was
swept to another here, another now

I saw a woman
her feet were buried in raw dark earth
her left hand held a swirling tornado
her right held a sphere of still waters
from her eyes shot lightning
and her mouth vomited flames of orange
smoke curling from her nostrils
and her hair stood out dancing on end
then I saw her breast split open
behind her glistening ribs I beheld
a bloody, beating heart
it whispers names

then my eyes flew open wide and
I rolled from my bed
retching, heaving, again and again

nobody stole your voice this time
you simply closed your mouth
to observe and to listen
shoring up your strength, for
next time, I fear
you won’t want me anymore
yes, your power will intensify
and take us all by storm

tara caribou | ©️2018

I only wish that I could have said what I really meant. What I know to be true yet am not able to share. Sometimes visions are held in part, sometimes in whole.

16 thoughts on “Whispers for the Future

      1. You, Tara, are an excellent conduit of pictures, and emotions, and visions.

        Spoken frankly,
        No varnish,

        No BS.

        And that, my friend, is what keeps bringing me back.

        Despite the fact that you, on occasion, steal my breath with your sensuous eroticism…

        But I’ll get over it.

        🙂 !!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Just callin’ it like I see it my friend.

          You..please…keep bringing the world to all of us…what is real.

          It can be good or bad…

          It can be right or wrong…

          Just bring us the world.

          Liked by 1 person

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