Lonely Roads

Hot tears roll down
Hollow cheeks
What we had is gone
Long gone

For a time we walked
Hand within hand
When I stumbled
You held me up
When I felt I could not go on
You paused and waited
Then gently lifted and
Carried me in your arms

Yet somewhere along the way
Something changed
You turned away
Down a path I couldn’t follow

Continuing on… and on… and on
‘Til I realized my error
Now I tread alone
Tears and sorrow my only companions
How far we’ve traveled apart
I fear we will never cross paths again

Looking over my sunken shoulder
Could that be you
Who I see traveling behind?
Or do my searching eyes see
Only what they wish to?

Come back for me
I need you!
See how I stumble!
Overtaken by weakness
You were my strength!
And yet I will continue on

And when I trip
I will keep on
And when I fall
I will crawl
And when my knees give way
I will drag myself
Always onward
Always hoping

Perhaps one day
I will rise again
As you lift me up
And we will walk
Together once more

tara caribou | ©2018

24 Comments on “Lonely Roads

  1. The moment we realize, too late, that we’ve er’red, is a difficult moment but it takes a strong person to admit it and to move forward. The ache here is like a knife in the chest but the hope is just as profound. Be and love yourself, always, and there will never be any reason for regrets. I love this and it’s like I could have written it myself.

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