Denied A Simpler Fate

dipping her toe first in the deep pool of black on black ink, she shed her robe

stood momentarily shivering in the cool forest air, bright moonlight dappled across pale, pale skin and long tan curls

before closing her tear-filled eyes spreading her arms wide, she fell forward and released her last grasp in this world

it felt like dying and rebirth as the inky embrace wrapped around her face and filled her eye sockets and eardrums and mouth, which had opened futilely to suck in air which was no longer available to her, so her lungs pulled in the ink instead

until every part of her was completely filled with it and her twitching corpse lay floating there

wide staring eyes seeing only the bottomless hole below, mouth open in a frozen scream

from one of the nearby surrounding trees reached a knobby wrinkly grey arm with so little muscle attached to the bones one might, if one could see it, wonder how it had any strength at all

yet of course it needed no real strength for the arm had a hand

a hand that had five long bony fingers capped with five long pointed nails and with these long nails it reached right past the long pale tresses floating there

hovering momentarily over her pale naked back then quickly jabbing in grabbed a hold and wrested out the cold bright starlight blue soul of the pathetic wretch which now saw no longer

ripped her free and pulled her with it up, up, up into the branches of the tree once more

she, the soul that is, sat cowering on the branch impotently furious at being denied her fate

the ink would have eventually seeped in and covered even the soul’s essence until eventually she forgot everything that had gone before

no, instead here she sat across the thick branch of the soul-stealer’s tree and glared as best she could, without eyes or a face, waiting

though she didn’t have to wait long ‘before you go,’ the soul-stealer whispered in a voice that seemed to come from all around and not just the thin shrouded figure which sat leaning against the tree’s trunk ‘you’ve got just one more task to complete’

if she could have sighed, she would have, for apparently even death wouldn’t release her from this hell

tara caribou | ©️2018

27 thoughts on “Denied A Simpler Fate

  1. Sorry. I thought I said it was a positive thing
    My bad. Unless of course you are apologizing for what happened years ago… everybody seems to be apologetic. I would need to make it a full time job to stop a listen to strangers apologizing for my people they never met over 20 years ago.
    I guess without such niceties we would fall into tyranny.
    I really need a pay rise though. Lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh that cusp. That cusp where you have it all riding on your next move, or so you think. To pull back from the brink is one thing: to be pulled back, quite another. The nagging thoughts that pull you back, seeming external but internal all the way… an exquisite depiction of a painful, painful reality.

    Liked by 1 person

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