You Know What I Want? – Erotica

You know what I want? I want to tear the skin right off your breast with my teeth. I want my lips on your thighs and my fingers buried.

I want to smell you, to smell me, there on your thighs. I want to hold your hips as you try to squirm beneath my mouth as it’s ravishing your pussy. I want to push my tongue in so deep as I pull your hips in closer. Thread those fingers in my hair as you do, it won’t help.

I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before.

My name is going to echo in our ears for hours. I’m going to bring you right to the edge… again…
and again…
and again…

and again.

I want you begging. I want you whimpering. I want you slick from your knees to your belly. I want to see your skin bright red with nail-marks and handprints and moon-shaped rows of teethmarks.

Your lips. Fuck. Your soft, soft lips, so gentle and yet by the end of the night they’ll be cracked and chapped. Oh, I’ll lick them, my dear, oh yes, I will… but I’m also going to nip them and bite them and tease them and kiss them over and over and over.

My tongue will be busy but so will yours. You’ll learn a new language; you’ll be speaking in tongues because when I fuck you baby, it’s for real.

You’ve never had another lover like me. You’ll feel silk and you’ll feel leather. Exquisite quiet and lovely pain. You’ll feel touches so soft you’ll barely feel them except the trail of goosebumps left behind. You’ll feel heat and you’ll feel sharp slaps.

Oh, you’re in for the real deal, my sweet girl. Forget all your past lovers, there’s no comparison as I’m holding your legs up spread out wide while I fuck you in just that right way.

We’ll both be covered in sweat and cum and saliva and perhaps something more.

When was the last time someone kissed the back of your knees?

How about the tender skin of your hip?

When was the last time you were turned onto your stomach and massaged from the top of your head down your fine lined back from your ass (oh I’ll take special care there – spreading those cheeks and letting my fingers sliiiiide down that crack, touching your hole, and continuing under, yes, that’s right, lift your hips so I can slide my fingers inside you, fuck, you’re so sexy like that).

I won’t linger too long (at first) because I want to massage your delicious thighs and your knees and your calves to your ankles and each individual toe.

Fuck, but I won’t keep my hands off you. No. I’ll be drawn like a bee to your honey, lifting you up on your knees I want to let my tongue take you like that, massage your ass then smack! and scratch and pinch and pull and lick and suck and growl and taste and eat and eat and eat some more.

You’ll be writhing and incoherent and cocooned in bliss but you’ll never forget my name, will you?

You’ll wonder how you ever made it without me.

You’ll wonder how I crept into your heart.

You’ll wonder… when I’ll fuck you again.

That’s what I want.

tara caribou | ©️2018

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